Ryan Wert Hurt, Badass!

Update on Ryan: Ryan Spent a full day, and night in the hospital this Sunday. Ryan has fractured his skull, leaving a small pocket of air in his head, allowing blood to flow into his ear canal. His knee is not feeling to good, he will be going to the doctor for a MRI once the swelling goes down. Recovery time will be 6-8 weeks.


Wert took a slammer today. It happens to the most of us. In most cases you just can’t control these types of things. Sometimes you just have to pay the consequence for jumping your bike down gnarly gaps. Ryan Wert will pull through this, i will post a update tomorrow about his fractured skull.

Photos By: Brian Yeagle

Ryan Fractured his skull, he went down very hard. Tweet him some regards…

Watch Ryan Wert put his soul into BMX in this Profile.

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