Peace Out

Peace Out

Hello Vinyl readers, this day has been in the making for a while now and has finally come to a point. As of today, I am no longer associated with Vinyl BMX. Vinyl was an inspiration as a younger BMX rider, featuring some of the local guys that I looked up to, and I was flattered and excited with Tom asked me to be a part of it a few years back.

Thanks to all the awesome people that I got to meet and work with as a part of the Vinyl project. If you’d like to follow my next moves, check out The Addison Project later today for a promo video and blog featuring the new kids that have popped up in the Chicago BMX scene.

-Andrew R. Brady

Older Tom Arkus Photo

Tom Arkus

I’ve been recovering from a hard drive crash for quite some time now, and slowly recovering old files and photos over time. I came across this shot of Tom at P.T.T. (RIP) from a trip that Dave Leep, Timmy Theus, and myself took last summer to Pittsburgh. Timmy actually pulled the shutter on this shot and it’s pretty spot on if you ask me. I believe Dave shot this from another angle for a Sunday ad, so this just sat on my computer for a year or so.

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Tom’s Sunday Web Video

Tom Arkus Summertime! from Sunday Bikes

Tom just dropped this video for Sunday, filmed all around the country at different spots. Check it out, it’s a good one for sure.

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Lil Jon Is Back!

I saw on Twitter the other day that Jeff K had picked up a new camera, and got psyched when I saw this small gallery of photos and video from him, featuring our homie Lil Jon. Jon’s been off his bike for a minute healing up from a leg injury, but looks to be doing just as good as ever, tearing up the tranny at Four Seasons in Milwaukee.

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Timmy Theus Summer 2010 Video

Timmy’s been killing it this year, and this is some footage we’ve filmed from this year, mixed with some older footage. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out his section in the Cult “Let Em Talk” DVD, it’s pretty sweet!

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Verde In Hawaii

After dropping a pretty good trailer for their Hawaii trip video, Verde has come through with a killer edit, featuring our friend Brian Yeagle along with some other shredders. Brian even has the banger clip in here, and it’s awesome. Props to Will Stroud on the production!

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Tom Arkus Top Fives

Tom Arkus, turndown.

Tom’s been on fire this year, whether it’s producing one of the better trail edits for ESPN, getting a profile and Q&A in Ride BMX, and in this case, answering some questions for the his frame sponsor’s blog about his top five favorite things. Head over to the Sunday blog to read about dubstep, beer, dogs, and oh yeah, that thing called BMX.

EDIT: Just went on the Ride BMX website to see Tom got a Weekend Wallpaper, featuring the photo from his profile. Yeah son!

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Timmy Theus CULT Video

Timmy is now a part of the CULT Supplier crew…check out some quick fire from our boy at Krush Skatepark that he filmed for CULT.

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Eastside/Credence Video

This new Credence/Eastside video just popped up on the internet and it’s rad. I haven’t been to Eastside in over a year, and it’s insane how much they’ve grown in that time. I also got a kick out of the digging footage at the end, featuring Dang Dang putting in some shovel time at the trails.

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Vinyl Crew Update


I don’t know why we haven’t been doing this on a regular basis before now, but here a collective Vinyl crew member update. In true Vinyl fashion, everyone is spread out across the globe, so here’s a few words on the guys I’ve bumped into lately or heard a status about.

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