Fall Trail Update

This is about the time of year the East Coast is prepping their trails for winter. Unfortunately Hurricane Sandy might shut us down, much earlier this year then anticipated. Any session we get after this storm will be an early christmas present. Below i have uploaded a couple of photos from the past two weeks in the woods. Couple of days ago, Tom Dillon came through to get a taste of Hazelwood before winter hit. Tom came at the perfect time, he was able to ride every line in the woods.

Photos By: Tom Arkus & Brian Yeagle

Dillon never not smiling.

Last minute tanning.

Mid-filming Go Pro Remotes, Photos, and Video Camera, birds eye view from Brian Yeagle.

Making sure T-dega is smooth, the speed you take this berm… it has to be dialed or else you might wreak.

If i were to guess you are going around 25 mph, i’m pretty sure if you pedaled at this speed you would not gain. Protoz holds on to take flight.

One of my favorites this year.

Making sure the jumps look big enough on film.

Halloween Party at Popples to cap the trail season off.

You will be seeing this guy more often.

Yeagle, and Dillon couldn’t resist each other.

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