Isaac Hoefling’s New Tattoo


Longtime friend, full-throttle shredder and Terrible One family member, Isaac Hoefling, got a new tattoo the other week. Seems like Isaac fancies Mr. Lincoln and the state of Illinois a bit.

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Dig BMX Issue 98 “Trails Issue”

Make sure to check out issue 98 of Dig BMX, Yeagle wrote a 20 page piece on “The Trails Republic” We have a few shots from our trails inside the issue.

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David Leep Dig Photos Of The Year

Our partner in crime has a great gallery on DIGBMX of his favorites from 2013. Above is a shot of Bobby Delaat at The Wheel Mill.

Photo By David Leep.

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After the Catty Woods Halloween Jam  be sure to check out Brian Barnhart’s Golden Hours Art Show at AXELRAD
West Coast landscapes of Brian Barnhart’s Summer travels will be on display, as well his zines… Briz is a dialed dude, so this show should be a good time.


October 26th 2013 7-9pm


729 Linden St.
Bethlehem, PA



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Vinyl Colorado Trip Part 2

Slow and steady, here is another portion from our Colorado Trip. This update includes some camping scenic shots from Boulder, and St. Mary’s Glacier. I’m going to come out and say that I am a amateur hiker compared to Popple or Yeagle, i was fearing for my health climbing some of those Glacial Mountains. Once we were at the top of the Glacier i realized i could die right now, and no one would ever know. Made it that more interesting when we ended up splitting up on the hike down. Chase and I were struggling to stay hydrated.

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“LP” Trailer 2 | Dig Interview

Vinyl “LP” DVD Available Now.

Featuring: Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Wert, Tom Arkus, Brad Gibbs, Vince Primel, Jeremy Muller, Ryan Popple, Chris Doyle, Denis Mowgly, Chase Zink, Kevin Porter, Bobby Delaat, and Friends.

Check Dig Bmx Mag for a in-depth interview about the “LP” DVD.

Here is a list of places you can pick up the Vinyl “LP” DVD from:
Source BMX , Dans Comp, Empire BMX, Backbone, Can You Dig it, Greenhouse Distro (U.S.A.), Banos Distro (France), Killemall Distro (Canada), Allride Distro (Germany) and
Your local shop.

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Mark Potoczny Wallpaper Download

Mark Potoczny hitting a big ass step down in the woods. This photo can be seen in motion in the new Vinyl “LP” DVD during Mark’s section.

Photo By: Brian Yeagle

Mark Potoczny Wallpaper 1680X
Mark Potoczny Wallpaper 1280X

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Vinyl Keystone

The image above is a very special wood piece, it’s our advert inside the The Wheel Mill Bike Park. I will make a big post about the park we are working on. We have a few big videos in the works for the park, we wanted to wait till we finish our rhythm.

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Vince Primel & Tom Arkus Pics

Some pics from last year in France of Vince and I.

Photos By: Jerome Bruley

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Jeremy Muller Photos

The Roula 3 contest in Troyes 2009.

Jeremy Muller photo week! Click below to view a few other pics from Kill The Line.

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