Oz Update #5

Unfortunately the time has come and Mikey has gone back to the states. He shredded life hard and left his mark. Aus is bummed. Ive been caught up in sydney for the last 3 weeks and Mikey made it back for his last night, so we sent him off properly. These cunts out here know how to get loose. Especially the raddest dood in Aus, David Cragg. He has shown us an unbelievable time in Sydney. He has made very hard to move on but its gotta happen so i’m off to Canberra to meet up with a buddy and cruise down the south coast for some much needed body and soul cleansing. well keep on roastin where ever you are and enjoy a bit of entertainment.

  • mom on Jan 26, 2009

    tell me the brunette was yours……….

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