Session in the Woods

Will Herman put together some footy while he was visiting this past summer. Good times from our local spot.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Ryan Wert

If you have ever witnessed Wert ride in person, then you are definitely not going to want to miss his section from the “LP” DVD.

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David Leep Dig Photos Of The Year

Our partner in crime has a great gallery on DIGBMX of his favorites from 2013. Above is a shot of Bobby Delaat at The Wheel Mill.

Photo By David Leep.

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Vinyl | Colorado 2013

This past summer we took a 20 hour journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado to ride and hike some of the finest Rocky Mountain parks. I have been on many trips in my life, this is one I will never forget. Featuring, Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Popple, Tom Arkus, Chase Zink, Tom Dillon, Teddy Van Orman, Mike Meister, Cody Landers, and friends.

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Ryan Popple, Clint Reynolds & Friends

When the DVD came out I was only regretting one thing, Popple not having a full part. Due to the circumstances it pretty much was not realistic with injuries and our deadline. But I do have to say that this section that Popple is in turned out pretty damn good.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Video Page.

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Mark Potoczny

Mark put in some heavy hours towards gathering enough clips for this part, him and I have sat in my office tweaking his section to perfection. Granted half the crew did not want him to use the Deer Tick song. Mark and I strongly believe that you should stick to your guns even if the crew is giving you a hard time about music choices. Protoz being the well rounded rider that he is, we managed to capture all aspects of riding that he enjoys.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Video Page.

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Trail Mix

A trail mix section to a Tia Carrera soundtrack featuring, Bobby Delaat, Quaggy, Lima Eltham, and Robbo.

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Tom Arkus

It’s always weird posting something of yourself, just like rappers don’t bump their own shit. I had Jon Saunders write something for my description. “Tom didn’t want to write his own description so I (Jon Saunders) get the pleasure of writing it. Tom’s part is simultaneously one of my favorite and least favorite parts in the video. It’s my favorite because of all the amazing French spots that he rides in it. It’s my least favorite because I’m insanely jealous of all the amazing French spots that he gets to ride in it. In all seriousness though, Tom’s part is rad and makes you not only want to go out and ride but also go out and dig. In my opinion that’s exactly what a kick ass trails part should do.”

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Jeremy Muller

Jem’s section holds it down as one of my personal favorite parts in the whole “LP”. For me personally the flow of the song is what makes Jem’s part that much smoother in this unique compilation of trails, shot in Souther France, and in PAWoods.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Page.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Friends

This section of the DVD has a unique combination of riders ripping trails and concrete. Featuring: Denis Mowgly, Mark Mulville, Brandan “Punjab” Pundai, Chris Doyle, Ryan Melia, Isaac Hoefling, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Kevin Porter, and Chase Zink.

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