MidWhere Video

If you grew up in the Midwest in the early 2000′s then you will appreciate this video. Garrett Rapp production of all the top midwest guys from that time. Shout out to Grant C for uploading this for all of us.

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Welcome Jam | The Wheel Mill

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Welcome Jam is around the corner, this time it will be at The Wheel Mill on Feb 1st. Come out have some fun, drink some drinks, and win some prizes.

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Vinyl | Trail Section “The Best Of Both Worlds”

Here is a little throwback video, this section comes from out first full length dvd. This was right around the time, I made a life decision to live in Western, PA.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Full Video

I highly recommend everyone downloads this video off our Vimeo Page. So you can view it on your Apple TV, PS3, and every other device that plays videos. The whole video has been parted out week by week. Now it’s time to for you to enjoy the video as a whole.

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Jeremy Muller: Pontklyn France

Jem’s and friends doing it for Vans in Europe. Toulouse just got a new concrete park, from the looks of it. It has some good flow to it!

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Czech U.S.A. Trails Trip

This past summer we had some visitors from Czech Republic visit our city. There is a small section of our trails towards 18:00 minute mark. The whole video is filled with some finely sculpted jumps.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Brian Yeagle & Crew

Last section of the DVD, this section is basically a compilation of us ripping our local trail spot. Brian was hurt majority of the time during the filming of the “LP”, we did not have many opportunities to film for his section, but I did manage to save some footage of Brian for the DVD. Featuring Brian Yeagle, Tom Arkus, Ryan Popple, Mark Potoczny, Tom Dillon, Chris Doyle, and Ryan Wert.

“LP” DVD Video Page!

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Belgium Trip Part II

No need for words just click play and enjoy FOERSKE kill the trails in the U.S. I can say one thing FOERSKE holds the tittle at our spot with the biggest moves on the biggest jumps.

Video By: Jelle Nys

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Dig BMX Issue 98 “Trails Issue”

Make sure to check out issue 98 of Dig BMX, Yeagle wrote a 20 page piece on “The Trails Republic” We have a few shots from our trails inside the issue.

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Session in the Woods

Will Herman put together some footy while he was visiting this past summer. Good times from our local spot.

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