Vinyl Keystone

The image above is a very special wood piece, it’s our advert inside the The Wheel Mill Bike Park. I will make a big post about the park we are working on. We have a few big videos in the works for the park, we wanted to wait till we finish our rhythm.

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Vinyl Hex & Arrows Hoodie | Available Now

Vinyl Fall Hoodies just arrived, below you can view a few photos of the new apparel. They are printed on American Apparel, Flex Fleece (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece) construction. Printed with high quality techniques by AxelRad Army!

Hex & Arrows Hoodie Available Now | Vinyl Store. It will be a few weeks before distributors and shops get any Vinyl Fall Apparel.

Official VinylBmx DVD Trailer will also drop on Wednesday so tune in around 8pm East Coast Time!

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Vinyl Shirts In Stock World Wide

Vinyl shirts are in stock world wide. Order while supply last.

Backbone BMX in Australia
Banos Distro in France
Dan’s Comp in U.S.A.
Vinyl Store

If you want a shirt, and don’t have a close shop/distro that carries the apparel. E-mail us at

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Ryan Wert Hurt, Badass!

Update on Ryan: Ryan Spent a full day, and night in the hospital this Sunday. Ryan has fractured his skull, leaving a small pocket of air in his head, allowing blood to flow into his ear canal. His knee is not feeling to good, he will be going to the doctor for a MRI once the swelling goes down. Recovery time will be 6-8 weeks.


Wert took a slammer today. It happens to the most of us. In most cases you just can’t control these types of things. Sometimes you just have to pay the consequence for jumping your bike down gnarly gaps. Ryan Wert will pull through this, i will post a update tomorrow about his fractured skull.

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Jems Vinyl Shirt

Jems - LowDef

Alex Piechta sent this great photo of Jeremy Muller.

Looks great!

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Vinyl T-Shirts Now available International

Backbone Bike Shop, now carry’s Vinyl Shirts. They just recieved them, call, or e-mail if you would like to purchase one in Australia, or New Zealand. They got you covered.

If you live in Europe, Banos Distro has you covered, in France. They also just received their small quantity of shirts. Call Marc, or e-mail him about ordering some shirts.

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Vinyl Shirts Going Fast.


The T-shirts are going faster then i thought they would. We are sold out of Smalls, we have very few larges, Xl’s, and Mediums left.

Get your hands on one today.

In about a week Backbone, and Banos Distro will have T-shirts in Australia, and France. Hit them up.

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Vinyl T-shirts


We have new America Apparel T-shirts!

We also have a new store. Every Order Comes with free Vinyl Die Cut stickers.

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Mark Potoczny’s Deluxe


Mark’s Bike is looking really good now days. Check out Deluxe for full details on his bike setup.

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Sunday Austin Videos

Lee Dennis, real heavy shredder from Niagara Fall, Canada. Lee and I spent a few weeks in Austin dodging rain, and random bum’s to film the clips we did. Lee’s trip was cut a few days short do to a dislocated shoulder, and some internal organ damage. Lee is much better he’s been working a little at Ryder Distro.

Also check out Alex Magallan’s video part that was filmed during that time also. Read more →

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