Backbone Seat + Shirt Combo

Marcus O”Brien in this fresh U.S. Edition Backbone Ad. Hit up Can You Dig It for the combo deal while supplies lasts.

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Back Bone BMX ACT Jam 2013

Backbone BMX ACT Jam video filled with some unreal riding. Visit our online store to for the U.S. Printed Backbone Skull Shirts.

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Backbone Seats Now Available

Backbone limited edition seats are available exclusively on Can You Dig It.


We also stock the brand new Skull Helmet shirt’s in our store. Free “LP” DVD with purchase of any soft goods.

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Backbone Skull Helmet Shirts | Limited Edition Seats

Backbone shirt’s are now available on our Store.

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Vinyl [LP] DVD Available Now.

The Vinyl “LP” DVD is available now world wide. If you are a shop looking to carry the DVD feel free to contact any of those Distributions or shops.

United States: Greenhouse | Dans Comp
Australia: Backbone
France: Banos Distro | Will have the DVD end of March…
Germany: All Ride Distro
United Kingdom: The Source

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Vinyl Shirts In Stock World Wide

Vinyl shirts are in stock world wide. Order while supply last.

Backbone BMX in Australia
Banos Distro in France
Dan’s Comp in U.S.A.
Vinyl Store

If you want a shirt, and don’t have a close shop/distro that carries the apparel. E-mail us at

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Back Bone A.C.T. Team Mixtape

Anything Back Bone gets a viewing. This video is great!
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Backbone Mixtape 2012

A must view mixtape, the video is filled with some serious moves. The backbone crew shreds some local spots around Canberra.


“Footage filmed of a lot of the team (& a Focalpoint blow in) from the last 6 months or so. Some of the footage the dudes knew that they were getting filmed, some of the footage they didn’t.”-Backbone

Song: Ultimate Spinach – Ego Trip

Filmed & Edited by Tyson Jones-Peni

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Red Bull Dirt Pipe Video


Waiting for a video to surface about the Red Bull Dirt Pipe. This picture looks incredible, one day I hope to make it out to OZ for this Jam. The Boys over at Backbone have some descriptions of the contest, how the rain washed everything away, everything was rebuilt just in time for the contest. I even heard that Gary Young won best trick on the wall ride? I can’t image what went down on the pipe.

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Back Bone Bike Shop

Check out this video of the Back Bone Bike Shop in Canberra, Australia. Rhysty gives you the inside scoop on how the shop came to life. Back Bone is a great shop with incredible people behind it, only wish there was more shops like this on U.S. soil. Cheers on that.

back bone bmx banner

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