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It’s always weird posting something of yourself, just like rappers don’t bump their own shit. I had Jon Saunders write something for my description. “Tom didn’t want to write his own description so I (Jon Saunders) get the pleasure of writing it. Tom’s part is simultaneously one of my favorite and least favorite parts in the video. It’s my favorite because of all the amazing French spots that he rides in it. It’s my least favorite because I’m insanely jealous of all the amazing French spots that he gets to ride in it. In all seriousness though, Tom’s part is rad and makes you not only want to go out and ride but also go out and dig. In my opinion that’s exactly what a kick ass trails part should do.”

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Vinyl [LP] DVD Available Now.

The Vinyl “LP” DVD is available now world wide. If you are a shop looking to carry the DVD feel free to contact any of those Distributions or shops.

United States: Greenhouse | Dans Comp
Australia: Backbone
France: Banos Distro | Will have the DVD end of March…
Germany: All Ride Distro
United Kingdom: The Source

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Attention France | Banos Distro

Banos Distro now has Vinyl Hex & Arrows Hoodies.

Check out all the info from Marc.

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Banos Distro Short Video

Banos Distro Trails looking good with the new mods.

You will be able to see more of these trails in our new full DVD (March 15th 2013).

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Banos Distro Northwest Trails

Marc and Spliff Machine took a nice trip to the Northwest. Here is a video of the scenes they experienced.

Banos Distro.

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Banos Distro Video | Vinyl Apparel

UPDATE: Shirts are now available in France/Europe Banos Distro. Click for the sales link.

Marc, and Jem’s put this video together to do some promotional propaganda for Banos Distro.

Vinyl Apparel is now available in France! Banos Distro. E-mail Marc!

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Banos Trails

Marc at Banos Distro has some of the most unique set of trails i’ve seen while on a visit through France during the summer of 2011. The video above is from our French mates Quentin, Marc, and Jem’s.

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Banos, France

photo 5-2

Banos Distro is Vinyl’s distributor out here in France. We finally made it to ride the trails. The trails haven’t been touched in many many months. Couple of hours of work they looked like they were running for months. Below are pictures from yesterdays trail session. Read more →

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Jeremy Muller Banos Distro Line

Screen shot 2010-10-08 at 10.24.38 AM

Check out Jeremy Muller ripping through Banos Distro trails.

Also Banos Distro has the newest Vinyl shirts in Stock. Make sure you hit them up.

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Vinyl T-Shirts Now available International

Backbone Bike Shop, now carry’s Vinyl Shirts. They just recieved them, call, or e-mail if you would like to purchase one in Australia, or New Zealand. They got you covered.

If you live in Europe, Banos Distro has you covered, in France. They also just received their small quantity of shirts. Call Marc, or e-mail him about ordering some shirts.

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