Ryan Wert Espn Profile 2012

Ryan Wert Espn Profile 2012. This video captures Ryan doing what he does best. On a side note, this video will be my last contribution to ESPN. They have seemed to go a different route with contributions. It was a good run while it lasted.

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Kevin Porter Espn Profile

Kevin Porter: where to begin? Throughout his professional career, he’s done it all, from competing in Dew Tours to attempting one of the first 1080s to innovating new, tech street moves such as the hippie-hop. But there’s much more to Kevin Porter than BMX adaptability. He’s an original, and he has a desire to push himself on a regular basis in all facets of life. Of course, a description of Kevin Porter wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his gift for gab.

Kevin is always down to talk about almost anything. And as Kevin’s new signature DuFFS shoe arrives in stores, I felt it was a good time to touch base with Kevin and see what’s new in his pro career. This is Kevin Porter, at home in the dead of a typical Chicago winter.

Music: Azoora “Floating in the sun” Instrumentals Vol 1

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Chris Doyle Part 1 Profile ESPN

Chris is one of the most respectable riders in bmx. This was a privilege to make this video with Chris. We spent many many months working and filming his riding at Hazelwood, and all around the greater Pittsburgh area. Much of this footage is never before seen. This is part 1 of a 2 part Profile series that I had the chance to create. Cheers a on a great 2010 for Doyle.

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Chase Zink Espn Profile

Chase Zink Espn Profile.

Chase is one of the original dudes that has been down with Michianabmx, and Vinyl since day one. Since Arizona is one of the funnest places to visit for bike riding, i decided i needed to pay Chase a visit. With a combination of clips that i’ve had, and some up to date filming we came up with this edit.
Injuries have been challenging chase’s riding all summer. It has been a great accomplishment to have filmed a video of this guy. Can’t get enough of the butter smooth riding.

Locations filmed: Gary, Ind., Prescott Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler, Ariz.

First song: Dream And I “Blindnesss Amp Voice” Imaginary Place Seconnd song: Surrender To Sound Beats “Misunderstood” Surrender To Sound Vol 1.

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Brian Yeagle Part 1

Brian and I have been working on this ESPN project for quite some time now. The time has come and people get to learn a little bit about brian’s life. This is part 1 of the profile, part two should be coming out early next week. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Verde, Will Stroud, and Brian Tunney.

Brian is a huge part of the Vinyl Family, we do a lot of shredding together. Help support our trips by purchasing a T-shirt. By doing so will bring more sweet videos from us…

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