Czech U.S.A. Trails Trip

This past summer we had some visitors from Czech Republic visit our city. There is a small section of our trails towards 18:00 minute mark. The whole video is filled with some finely sculpted jumps.

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Big Foot Quick Hits

Ryan Popple and a few homies ripping Big Foot, to Dark Side of the Moon!

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Brian Yeagle Moon Jump

Brian Yeagle opening up the moon jump for the 2013 season.

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Trail Update

So far it has been a really wet summer, which enables us to finish all the jumps that we have in the woods. Below are some photos from the last two weeks. Our friend Primel Vincent is here visiting from France. He brings much inspiration to sculpting jumps…

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Square One: Come Back Video

Kris Bennett made this video of the square one dudes, about 8 months ago. It has some really good riding in it.

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Hazelwood Winter Digging

Hazelwood Winter Dig pictures. We have been very fortunate to have a mild winter. We are able to dig through out the entire winter. So far this year since start of January we have had around 15 digging sessions. Couple more months till we start buttering.

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Mark Potoczny Hazelwood Pov

Mark ripp’s through Hazelwood.

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Hazelwood Trails Fall Update


This fall has been so great, possibly only a couple of sessions are left, before the snow fall covers the ground for the year. Below are pictures from the last 6 straight days of trail riding at Hazelwood. Featuring the whole Vinyl Crew/ Hazelwood Diggers. If you notice I have attached some new photos of the trails, never before seen new jumps, even the new skipper is shown in the gallery.

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Brian Yeagle


Yeagle is a shredder! Check out Verde for more pics.

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Hazelwood Compressions Video

Hazelwood Crew.

Video By: Compressions

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