Video: Jeremy Muller

Jem’s knows how to live life, sit back and see what the french lifestyle is all about.

Video by: Vincent De La Rue for SOULBMXMAG.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Full Video

I highly recommend everyone downloads this video off our Vimeo Page. So you can view it on your Apple TV, PS3, and every other device that plays videos. The whole video has been parted out week by week. Now it’s time to for you to enjoy the video as a whole.

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Jeremy Muller: Pontklyn France

Jem’s and friends doing it for Vans in Europe. Toulouse just got a new concrete park, from the looks of it. It has some good flow to it!

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Vinylbmx “LP” DVD | Jeremy Muller

Jem’s section holds it down as one of my personal favorite parts in the whole “LP”. For me personally the flow of the song is what makes Jem’s part that much smoother in this unique compilation of trails, shot in Souther France, and in PAWoods.

Designated Vinyl “LP” DVD Page.

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“LP” DVD Premiere Toulouse, France Photos

Last week Jeremy Muller and friends had a Vinyl “LP” DVD Premiere at a brand new bike shop Bike Square. Thanks again for throwing a premiere and having a good time!

Handfull of photos from the premiere below. Read more →

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“LP” Trailer 2 | Dig Interview

Vinyl “LP” DVD Available Now.

Featuring: Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Wert, Tom Arkus, Brad Gibbs, Vince Primel, Jeremy Muller, Ryan Popple, Chris Doyle, Denis Mowgly, Chase Zink, Kevin Porter, Bobby Delaat, and Friends.

Check Dig Bmx Mag for a in-depth interview about the “LP” DVD.

Here is a list of places you can pick up the Vinyl “LP” DVD from:
Source BMX , Dans Comp, Empire BMX, Backbone, Can You Dig it, Greenhouse Distro (U.S.A.), Banos Distro (France), Killemall Distro (Canada), Allride Distro (Germany) and
Your local shop.

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Vinyl “LP” Premiere’s in Paris | Toulouse | Biarritz

We have organized three Vinyl LP Premiere all over France. Vince Primel and Friends are throwing a premiere at a friends bar March 15th.

Jeremy Muller and friends are hosting a premiere at a brand new bike shop Bike Square, in Toulouse March 13th.

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Jeremy Muller Photos

The Roula 3 contest in Troyes 2009.

Jeremy Muller photo week! Click below to view a few other pics from Kill The Line.

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Jeremy Muller

Here are a few random pictures of Jem’s, at the STO Trail Jam couple years back. Look forward to Jeremy’s full Vinyl “LP” Video part! It’s one of the favorites from our crew.

Photos By: Pierre Blondel

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Septembre Compressions DVD Trailer

Jem’s is the master mind behind organizing this Septembre Trails Trip.


Featuring Dave Dillewaard, Max Bimar, Vincent Primel, Jeremy Lepennedu, Richard Walker, Kees Schelfhout, Heath Pinter, Nicky van der Veen, Sig Cools, Jason Rickwood, Chris Doyle, Guillaume Etourneau, Pete Taliadoros, Alexandre Pommier, Dimitri Araouzos, Benjamin Cabot, Joackim Segaert, Gilian Peralta, Mike Saavedra, Tom Humbert, Jeremy Muller, Adam Hough, Stephane Lafitte and Guillaume Rigoulet.
The DVD will be out Spring 2013.

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