And you thought Pants only did pocket airs and rode the bowl at Wilson! I came across this photo from earlier in the summer, riding a wallride spot on the southside with Jason, Lil Jon, Ryan Melia, and Tom Arkus. This photo was taken on a good day; riding from Gypsy Manor to this wallride, meeting with Timmy Theus at Southside, hitting up a rooftop pool thanks to Ryan, and ending the day on the top of Gypsy Manor eating black bean burgers. Here’s to the good times in summer of 2009…

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Oz Video

This is a sweet video of Pants, Mikey, and Isaac carving hills, and ripping some concrete waves in Australia from their past trip over the winter.

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Lil Jon and Pants

Over half of the Vinyl crew is in Chicago right now and we cruised around the city today. This is just a preview of some of the day’s activities…expect something more substantial in the next couple of days.

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Pants Photo

Sunday was an enjoyable day and almost all the Chicago regulars were out and riding Wilson. Here are a couple of random snaps of Pants doing what he does on a daily basis in the bowl at Wilson.

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Pants In Virginia Beach

Yo man ive been straight bummin on the beach scene and soul carvin the concrete waves! Virginia Beach is rad shit.

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Pants Lookback Pic

Spotted these sweet pictures on Greg Dicksons flicker of Jason. T snapping some lookbacks at 4 seasons.

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Vinyl Apparel Available @ Danscomp

Vinyl Shirts available at Danscomp. Check it out.

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Oz Update #5

Unfortunately the time has come and Mikey has gone back to the states. He shredded life hard and left his mark. Aus is bummed. Ive been caught up in sydney for the last 3 weeks and Mikey made it back for his last night, so we sent him off properly. These cunts out here know how to get loose. Especially the raddest dood in Aus, David Cragg. He has shown us an unbelievable time in Sydney. He has made very hard to move on but its gotta happen so i’m off to Canberra to meet up with a buddy and cruise down the south coast for some much needed body and soul cleansing. well keep on roastin where ever you are and enjoy a bit of entertainment.

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Leep Update

The Dave Leep Gallery has been updated with this photo of Pants.

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Oz update #4

Well the boys have split ways. After a 4 day camping trip of epic proportions in the Blue moutains, we hopped on a train and headed straight west in hopes of running from the rain, we stopped off at a small farm town called Dubbo. We arrive in this town and are welcomed with this unbeilievable cement park. We got in about a days worth of rippin and roastin and then rain caught up with us. after that we all decided it was time to travel seperate paths and set off on our own. Isaac has gone back up north to test the waters and try his luck with the box jelly fish in the great barrier reif. Mikey headed south towards canberra to meet up with aussie russ and chill out for a bit. I headed about an hour east and stopped off in a town called Orange to pick some cherries. Ill be posted up here for a few days pickin fruit and kickin back with the locals. My camera has shit the bed after 3 weeks, so no more picture updates for the time being. Kodak can’t handle what Oz has to offer. Well plans are to all meet up in Melbourne for new years. Untill then im not sure where the road leads.

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