Oz Update #2

Well the road is wide open for these ramblin roasters. We scored an unlimited train pass for 3 months that stretches from Brisbane down to Melbourne and Sydney all the way across to Broken Hill. We`ve got a lot of land to tramp and you better believe we`re going to get the most out of these $300 passes. As soon as we got the tickets we hopped on the next train to Brisy. A short 14hrs through the hills we set foot on one of the most peaceful city`s in Oz. The locals want to do nothing but help us have the best time while we`re here. After a night under the stars we wake up well rested and hit up Streets Beach to do a little grill n`chill. These public parks offer the best accomidations for some vagabond bmx backpackers like ourselves. A quick hill bomb later we arrive at Fairfield skatepark where we meet up with the newest addition to the Lifestylers, Keiji(pronouced Cage) Kono. This old soul has the spirit of a 13yr old boy with his first BMX bike. In the two days we`ve spent with him he has shown us the most draw dropping sights that the sunshine coast has to offer. We first hit up Caloundra to surf some cement waves. Then took a little drive to Noosa Beach. If you ever make it out to Queensland, you MUST make Noosa a destination. I can`t imagine a more surreal beach setting. From Noosa we made the short trek over to Cullom beach for a little late night tranny roasting in this gem of a bowl right behind the beach. After a full day of coastin tranny and stompin the land, Keiji takes all 3 of us in and his wonderful wife Mako prepares us a delicious Japanese meal… To be continued


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"I could of smuggled a kilo of coke" OZ Update Uno

Boy oh boy has it been a wild first few days. The Lost Boys are definitely down unda so i’ll take it from the top.

So it was scrambles and shambles all day getting to the airport. I arrived a little before 4pm and my flight is at 5:45pm, I figured that would be enough time and it would of been if I hadnt checked in at the wrong terminal. I get to the correct terminal at about 5:10 and the rush me right through check in. I bypassed customs and security and get sent through military check points. which are a joke, I could of smuggled a kilo of coke and they wouldn’t of known. Read more →

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Pants In The Land Of Bogans

Pants is going to be heading to Australia in a week or so. Isaac “Big Rig” Hoefling and Mike “Bellbottoms” Parisi will also be joining him down there. Expect Pants to get mobbed by Aussie ladies as soon as he sets foot on Australian soil. Hopefully he will be sending us some updates on his travels.

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