Villij Summer Autumn 2011

Villij Trails are looking mighty enticing. Very nice video.

Featuring: Cambridge, Matt, Ross Head, Kyle, Lewis, Alex Boyd, Wildhair, Roey, Robbo, Frog, Blue, Max Bimar, Meerkat, Ted, Joe, Chief, Dollar , Tim, Shaky, Jd, Leon.

Music: Deerhunter “Desire lines”, Edward Sharpe “Come in please”

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Tom ‘Robbo’ Robinson

“The digging video I made seemed to get some people motivated on starting/continuing to build trails. I hope that this video will get people motivated on riding trails especially a younger generation which is something that it would seem is lacking compared to past days. Long intro, pay the cost!”

Trails: Villij,Catty,Posh​sekt/​

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UK Profile Summer Edit

The last two concrete clips are sick, Will if your reading this please tell me where that concrete park is with the spine’s.

Featuring: Matt Coplin (™),Levi Rogers, Jeff Klugiewitz, Mark Mulville, Phil Aller, Tom (robbo) Robinson, and Will Hermann.

Video By: Phil Aller

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