Things Not To Do At The Trails.

Trails BMX

Mike Saavedra dropped a perfect summary of how to start riding trails around the world. This is a basic guideline, of what you should not do, to get pushed at the trails.

BMX Trails Nazi

Watch the Trail Nazi video again!

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Vinyl “LP” DVD | Full Video

I highly recommend everyone downloads this video off our Vimeo Page. So you can view it on your Apple TV, PS3, and every other device that plays videos. The whole video has been parted out week by week. Now it’s time to for you to enjoy the video as a whole.

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Czech U.S.A. Trails Trip

This past summer we had some visitors from Czech Republic visit our city. There is a small section of our trails towards 18:00 minute mark. The whole video is filled with some finely sculpted jumps.

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Vinyl | Colorado 2013

This past summer we took a 20 hour journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado to ride and hike some of the finest Rocky Mountain parks. I have been on many trips in my life, this is one I will never forget. Featuring, Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Popple, Tom Arkus, Chase Zink, Tom Dillon, Teddy Van Orman, Mike Meister, Cody Landers, and friends.

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Fat BMX Favorites List With Quaggy

Head on over to FATBMX to check out some favorites from one of our good friends and dedicated trail digger & trail roaster , Quaggy.

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FAT BMX Favorites list with Ryan Popple

Head on over to to check out some of Popple’s favorites.

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Can You Dig It BMX Exclusive: Take It Back Jam Video

This past weekend the Vinyl crew was on hand to enjoy this jam session. We took a hour long trip the night before the jam. Got the feel for the jumps, and did some thunderstorm camping. Below i attached a few photos from the event.

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Vinyl “LP” DVD Review’s

In the last few week’s the DVD has had a few reviews pop up.

Now available world wide.

This one is from our partner in crime Can You Dig It.
Today Kurt from Bmx Union did some heavy writing in more detail about the film.

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“LP” Trailer 2 | Dig Interview

Vinyl “LP” DVD Available Now.

Featuring: Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Wert, Tom Arkus, Brad Gibbs, Vince Primel, Jeremy Muller, Ryan Popple, Chris Doyle, Denis Mowgly, Chase Zink, Kevin Porter, Bobby Delaat, and Friends.

Check Dig Bmx Mag for a in-depth interview about the “LP” DVD.

Here is a list of places you can pick up the Vinyl “LP” DVD from:
Source BMX , Dans Comp, Empire BMX, Backbone, Can You Dig it, Greenhouse Distro (U.S.A.), Banos Distro (France), Killemall Distro (Canada), Allride Distro (Germany) and
Your local shop.

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Grounded BMX Trails Trip

Foerske murders it with the 360 Tabes!

“Willem, Sig, Fourcheke and Jelle went on roadtrip through France and Spain in a search for the coolest trails, and this is what they came back with.”

Filming: Jelle Nijs and Sig Cools
Editing: Bart Cautaerts

Terry Callier – You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman
Radio Moscow – Whatever Happened

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