Vinyl Hex & Arrows Hoodie | Available Now

Vinyl Fall Hoodies just arrived, below you can view a few photos of the new apparel. They are printed on American Apparel, Flex Fleece (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece) construction. Printed with high quality techniques by AxelRad Army!

Hex & Arrows Hoodie Available Now | Vinyl Store. It will be a few weeks before distributors and shops get any Vinyl Fall Apparel.

Official VinylBmx DVD Trailer will also drop on Wednesday so tune in around 8pm East Coast Time!

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New Vinyl DVD Trailer

Short clip of Yeagle doing his thing. This was filmed today while riding in our line Talladega. We thought you guys would get a laugh out of the sound clip.

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Vinyl Full DVD

Sorry for the lack of updates many new things going on, which is keeping us really busy… But on the good note here is the whole vinyl video. There are a few things that i never split from the video to throw on vimeo. Such as Mike Parisi’s part, Intro, and Credits. Enjoy Here are some formats that might suit your needs.

Apple TV (1.25GB)
Ipod Video (399mb)
HD (640mb)

To Save “right click save as”

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Vinyl Dvd: Inside Scoop

Check out DIGBMX, Kurt from Bmx Union works for them now. He did a interview with me about the new Vinyl DVD that’s in the works.

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