Beard Check With Chad Degroot


“I want to be raw, just need to cover up my beauty so dudes are not hitting on me or trying to get me on the cover of magazines.”
- Chad DeGroot


How long have you been rocking that beast for?
Seems like only yesterday I started. Not sure, time flies so fast when your main focus is the hair on your face.

Have you been trimming it or just letting it grow?
I have to trim around the mouth area or you will see what I eat all day. I did trim around my neck to one day when it finally connected, but as of now I gave up. Its all together now, they are in love.

How would you classify your beard style: outdoorsmen, hippie/bum/hobo, that of eccentric disposition or Brett Favre?
It started as a Brett Favre, but since he left the Packers—I don’t want to claim that. Now it’s just a mutt, like a mix of outdoorsman and a boys dream

Do you let random people touch your beard or do they need permission?
You touch you die. No, if you’re bold enough to just grab, I might shank ya, please ask, but I am going to say NO… so you might as well grab and run.

How is the beard with the ladies?
It draws a different kinda of lady to really appreciate it. My wife has always liked it, so there aren’t many problems. Older women love it, its like the old days with cowboys and Indians. A real man is rugged with a ton of hair.

What about with the dudes?
That is nuts, I get more compliments from dudes than anyone. I guess its 100% respect.

Things you have found, or currently have in your beard:
I have found hair, gray hair, cat hair, pizza sass, ketchup, crackers scraps, blood, boogers, ear wax, saliva, beer, someone else’s beard, grass, water, soap, Powerbars, metal shards, ink, dirt, paint, primer, paper, staples, memory stick, some gravel, a comb, and a flat screen TV (52″).

Does your beard give you superpowers, like wisdom, knowledge and sexual virility? If you were to cut it, would you loose your Wisconsin sense of humor?
People do think I have wisdom and guidance once they see the beard and ask me questions about life. As for sexual virility, not sure. My Wisconsin humor is still there with our without it. I forgot to add cheese in the previous question, can you add that?

On average, how many times a day do you stroke or comb your beard?
It needs some taking care of, but mostly, I indirectly massage it and it starts purring… it tickles when that happens.

Do you use any shampoo or stuff like that on your beard?
Head and Shoulders. Should be Head, Shoulders, and Full Beards. That’s all, then just let the Florida sun bake it till its dry.

What do you think of people who say people use beards to hide behind? Are you hiding something?
People with messed up faces or tons of acne… or just lazy Winter people. I am hiding my maintenance schedule, sick of shaving and sick of being called a supermodel or fashion god. I want to be raw, just need to cover up my beauty so dudes are not hitting on me or trying to get me on the cover of magazines.

Has your beard ever got you into, or out of, sticky situations?
Actually yes. I was at a skate only public park where the skaters will call the police. I started riding and some were looking weird at me. Then I went over to one of the better skaters and said, “Hi, I don’t want to get in your way.” He said when he can, he wants to grow a beard as amazing as mine. So I asked if I was cool, he said hell yeah, don’t worry.

And lastly, any tips or advice for people looking to grow a beard or take their beard to the next level?
Don’t stress on the form, just let it go. If there is gray in it, that is OK, if its all red, make sure you know some ginger jokes. Otherwise know about your beard, why you have it, and how to pass on up and coming beards with the info they need to stay positive on the beard growing experience. Also, if you travel with your beard, make sure it’s safe…

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