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Kevin Porter just got a new sponsorship with Bow Truss Coffee Roasters. I just had the chance to speak to K.P. on the Phone. He mentioned that he parted ways with Intelligensia Coffee yesterday. You could say this is a new career path for Kevin. Press Release Below.

Photos By: David Leep

Chicago, IL. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters is happy to announce that they will be sponsoring BMX Pro Kevin Porter. Porter made waves as the first BMX rider to be sponsored by a coffee company, which was a perfect match given his love of the bean. Kevin Porter’s involvement with the coffee industry began with his ownership of North Center’s Delicious Cafe and culminated with a multi-year partnership with Intelligentsia. Motivated by his positive experience with the Chicago-based independent roaster, Kevin is excited to bring his innovative perspective and knowledge of coffee to this new venture with the city’s newest independent coffee roaster, Bow Truss.

Kevin Porter explained, “I am grateful for my time with Intelligentsia. It was a great experience and I learned so much. Now, I’m excited to be working with Bow Truss as they grow in these early stages. I look forward to some incredible brand collaborations and discovering some great single origins. My goal is to represent the brand and really help it expand to other independent communities outside of just coffee.”

Owner Phil Tadros shared that Bow Truss welcomed Kevin when “he came to us with a passion for coffee and people. Kevin felt our fresh collective of coffee veterans would be a perfect match of credibility with the excitement of being a budding startup.”

About Kevin Porter:
A Chicagoan born and raised, Kevin was once quoted on the cover of RIDEBMX magazine as the leader of the new school. He has worked with a host of successful action sports brands like Flybikes, Fox, Quintin Co, Duffs and Empire to develop 10 different signature shoes, 7 signature BMX frames, multiple parts and accessories. Porter looks forward to representing the architectural Bow Truss logo as he rides worldwide and at home in the Wilson skatepark. See more of Kevin’s travels and time at Bow Truss on Twitter and Instagram at @TierraKP

About Bow Truss Coffee Roasters: Bow Truss is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, coming together for the first time to create our ideal roasting company. We’re coffee minimalists; we know it doesn’t take thousands of dollars worth of gear to make a perfect cup of coffee. Our coffees are curated and roasted in our roasting house in Lakeview, Chicago. Visit the coffee roaster at 2934 N. Broadway or online at

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