Team Belgium Summer 2014 Trail Video

Our Belgium buddies made a video from this past summer. They came to visit our trails (last section of the video). “This is what we did in 2014. Don’t take life to serious and enjoy!”
Filmed by: Jelle , Jeroen , Tyler , Brian Lewis , Willem and Raf
Music: Stoned Jesus – Black woods and Kadavar – Doomsday Machine

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Photo: Ryan Popple Feat. Tom Arkus

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Ryan Popple and I enjoying a casual train on Manaj and Darkside. Photo By: Todd Nichols

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Video: Chris Harti

Chris Harti has been hurt for the longest time it seems like. This video put together by Rain Turnbull goes to show Harti is going strong now days.

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Video: Mark Potoczny PA Trails POV

Mark takes a couple runs at our trails while following da’homies.

“Here are 3 runs from the woods last summer each following through one of the locals. First is Darkside of the Moon with Ryan Popple, then Minaj with Tom Arkus, and finally Big Foot with Brian Yeagle.”

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Video: Vince Primel Compressions Trail Mix

Vince keeps it real in this little video. Some of the footage is really old especially the stuff from our trails. Vince rides the line Talladega, that was the first year that we ran the line. Crazy to see how much open space we had, to what we have now days.

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Video: First Hits Dyke Out

We opened up a new jump in the woods yesterday, we wanted to put together a raw video of what we go through while testing new jumps. Check out the rawness of us overshooting shit. Featuring Ryan Popple, Mark Potoczny, and Tom Arkus.

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Video: Dreading The Woods Summer of PMP

We had the pleasure of having these guys visit us last summer, they spent so much time here that they even built us a landing at the trails. Check out their home spot in New Zealand. That big right hip that everyone gets down on looks really tasty.

Dreads in the woods, filmed over summer 2013/2014 at PMP trails.
Tabletops and Kickouts all day.
Dreads (in order of appearance)
Nate Hunn,
Louis Bolter,
Alan Cameron,
Caleb Davison,
George Bolter.

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Video: Seth Klinger

I’m a big fan of Seth, dude has natural talent on and off his bike. This video took a few years to complete, defiantly worth the wait. Super clean shots, along with clean editing By: Terrell Gordy. The 360-onehander-to-tabe really caught my by surprise @3.02mins.

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Video: Deluxe “Woodlanders” Part 2

Deluxe came through our trails last summer. The dude’s killed it! Please don’t ask us where the hell the trails are at. Even tho you see the name in the tittle. The people that need to know already know.

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Video: Jeremy Muller

Jem’s knows how to live life, sit back and see what the french lifestyle is all about.

Video by: Vincent De La Rue for SOULBMXMAG.

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